Small Business Newsletters: Owners Need Help Desperately To Create an Online Presence

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Small Business Newsletters

Email Campaign Management

BY JAN ASHBY     jan ashby reputation repair

Today I have a bright suggestion for your small business — why not create a newsletter?  Yes How to Build Business  light bulb moment – it is so important to stay in touch with your customers (both to get feedback or a testimonial for your site) which you can do with an autoresponder campaign.

Small business newsletters can help you accomplish this goal. You can use an email campaign to ask for suggestions, too.  In other words, do a survey.  It’s not hard.   Just ask customers what  additional service would they like to see?  Or what new product could benefit them – ask & find out!

Yes, indeed – you can design weekly coupons for your blog or website (or alternately for your Google Plus listing), & you can come up with special offers to put at either of those 2 places.

That is what

email campaign management

is all about.

Or you could shoot a video highlighting what is special about your hotel, chiropractic office, restaurant, or fitness center.  Or explain what services your law practice, doctors office, dental office, etc. offers.

In this way, your

email campaign management

can be personality driven. Give clients or patients a chance to get to know the real you. Video is all the rage nowadays, so don’t be afraid to put a bit of yourself into your marketing.

Of course, if you don’t want to design the video lead capture page for yourself (so you can attract leads), I can help.


Email Campaigns and LCP

I can design a simple web page which is tailored to your particular business (lead capture page, or LCP is included), and help you with a Google Plus business listing & getting listed in local directories (Yelp, InsiderPages, etc) .

In short, the  small business SEO tactics I employ will help you be found.

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Every business has a Google plus page – if you’d like help with this, contact Jan Ashby


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