Pinterest Cheatsheet: Print it and Use it

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Pinterest Action Plan

Use this action plan template to organize your next steps in growing your business with Pinterest. Good luck and happy pinning!




Type of BoardCurrent BoardsNew Ones to Create
Niche Topic 




















Pinterest Promotions:


List ideas for contests and promotions to do on Pinterest:
Timing (i.e., when will you do the first one?):




Pinning Frequency:

Pin QuotaGoal # of PinsGoal # of Re-Pins
Per day
Per week
Per month
Total # Created







Content for Pinning:

BoardContent to CreateWho will create it?








Pinterest Promotion


Where to promote Pinterest boards and profile:

  • Social media profiles:



  • Blog(s):



  • Website(s):



  • Offline:



  • Other:




Daily Action Plan:


Keep your pinning and Pinterest browsing under control by setting limits on time spent and a strict schedule. Any personal pinning is outside of this time.


Time spent each day pinning:


Time spent each day researching others’ boards:


When? (e.g., 30 minutes before bedtime):


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