On-Site Optimization: What are the Pressing Considerations?

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Website Considerations: Ideas for Engagement on Your Blog
By Jan Ashby

Jan Ashby

Optimizing your website for visitors, as well as search engines, is a wise approach. After all, you certainly want to think of your blog readers first – before the search engines. Yet you want to keep the search engines in mind.

Now, while there are many guidelines and tips from Google, you ultimately want to create a website that contains posts which are well liked by your readers. So you want to create SOLID content for your blog (the blog can be on the “back end” of the website), and you also want to encourage engagement. You could do this by having a forum attached to your website, where people can come & make inquiries.

Website Content

And you can certainly encourage people’s interest by asking them for feedback at the end of some of your better posts – and you’ll have comments encouraged even further by the use of CommentLuv (or some similar plugin) that keeps visitors happy.

You see, CommentLuv gives any reader who chooses to comment intelligently a LINK back to their own blog – and it can be to a deeply-nested page, too. So this is one way to promote engagement at your blog.

Of course, there is a caveat. You need to have a decent Anti-spam plugin installed at your blog (to discourage spammers) AND you should moderate all comments. The reason for this seems obvious; it’s so that your blog really rocks and is full of wisdom and “high-spirited” discussion – rather than deteriorating due to a bunch of Spam.

Another way to enhance visitor appreciation is to give away a Tool-kit of some of your best ideas and info-products. These can be PLR, but make sure you’ve added value and plenty of high-quality images. It reflects on you and your blog!

On-Page Optimization Techniques

Of course, you want to employ common sense strategies which will keep a visitor from bouncing off your site.  Have clear and engaging titles, so that your blog reader will know “in a flash” what the content is all about! It is a good idea to place your keyword phrase toward the very beginning – so if you decided on a “tips” article (such as “7 Tips for Keeping Blog Readers Happy“) the term “Blog Readers” wouldn’t be close to the beginning.

So you could.. rephrase it to “Blog Readers Dissatisfaction: 7 Tips to Keep Them Happy” – now, you’re cookin’ .  Your keyword phrase is at the start – Yea !

More On-Page Optimization Methods


How to Build Business

Build Your Business

Organizing your paragraphs is quite important – you want to make your blog readers happy, right?  So break up your content (in a logical order) – organize it with sub-headings.

Images are just as imperative to engagement.  And you want them to be decent quality – take the time to choose a good image, & re-save it as a “PNG” in Photo Elements (or your chosen image editor) .  I do that, as much as I can.

Tip:  This will resonate with your audience: Provide great resources  (use citations when you use someone else’s work) and LINK out to them.  You could use PrettyLink plugin and in “Settings”,  make it a NoFollow link.  You don’t want to go crazy with the number of resources, though.

Tip: If you’re curating content and don’t wish to create an overly LONG article, you might break it up (Add a 2nd page, and Link to it).  Make it EASY on the reader’s eyes. You can also use a plugin that is visually pleasing – the content

Tip:  For plugins, look at the Reviews before ever installing. You want to be careful that it’s trustworthy (it should come from WordPress.org or be a paid plugin) – if not, you could risk serious harm to yr blog. At the very least, get feedback from trusted friends about the plugin and its Author.dissatisfied customer

Tip:  Use humor on your blog (be sarcastic, even) – challenge users to think, ask them questions & engage in a lively discussion.  Use a plugin such as CommentLuv (or a good paid comments plug) to show “Real Time” comments.  This is worthwhile – check these:


Facebook Comments for Wpress

Intense Debate

CommentLuv Premium


For social engagement, use “WordPress Social Stream” or the social slider plugin called “Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress
Happy Face and Thumbs Up

More Ideas for Engagement:

You might also want to install a chat plugin, or put your SKYPE front and center (or Instant Messenger). Then you can be ready for action.

It’s also a good idea to publish your Twitter handle, your Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook links. (See ABOVE for social share plugin suggestions)


Split Testing Techniques: FYI

You can refer to my excellent post on How to Split Test here:  http://lifeskillstrainingonline.com/2013/how-to-split-test – there are some good Tidbits in that post (as it’s fun to split test, people!) .

Also – see this Youtube video by Chris Pearson- it’s excellent

Improving Your Blog: How Using Related Keywords can Be Beneficial

I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a really great tool for discovering the RELATED keywords of a particular keyword – Keyword Jeet. I like it a lot. It’s up to you what tools you use (obviously) – however, I find this tool saves me time and heartache.     Related Keywords

Seed Keywords to Begin Your Search for Longtail Keywords

It’s a good idea to begin your search with a seed keyword that is a longtail – you can do what you want, but I find it gives me some good targeted longtail phrases when I do this. Now read this article which expounds on related keywords:



P.S.  Remember to install that social share plugin, & the commenting plugin !

More power to you –

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