Mobile Marketing – 9 Tips to Craft a Winning Message

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Mobile Marketing Approach: 9 Wise Tactics to Employ

By JAN ASHBY   jan ashby

Mobile marketing should be incorporated into your business plan, and you should strategize carefully! You want your message to have maximum impact – and this can only be accomplished if you know your target market!

You want to take time to do the research – as Sean Donahoe explains, it is like a shot in the dark if you don’t have your marketing avatar marketing avatar fleshed out before you send out your campaign.

If you don’t know who you’re trying to SELL to (or pre-sell), then you are likely going to waste money.

Mobile marketing is tricky, but here are a number of sound guidelines:

  • 1) Make sure your message is coded correctly & in the proper format to be able to reach all mobile devices. Test it to make sure it displays correctly on mobile devices – before sending.
  • 2) Do NOT send random messages – choose age, ethnicity, sex, education level, income level BEFOREHAND.
  • 3) Limit the time(s) you are sending out your text messages. People won’t appreciate a Late-night text.
  • 4) Smart-phone users are “ahead of the game” – they can be fickle, because of outside influences. You will have to stay up on ALL new releases and remain up to date on technology trends to compete.
  • 5) Only send RELEVANT messages to consumers. Your message should be specific and targeted, to have any impact. High-quality information only
  • 6) Develop an app to use for your business. This is hot now, and if you put some time and planning into it you can score big. And don’t be afraid to hire an expert for App Dev’t.
  • 7) When sending text messages, you should give people the opportunity to “Opt out” – just as you would with a regular email campaign.
  • 8) Perform A/B split testing, for your mobile page. You will want to create 2 versions of your landing page; track visitors to see who the “winner” is – then use that one.
  • 9) Advertise your mobile spots through your website. Loyal readers who enjoy your site may like what you have to offer via smartphone!



return-on-investment  (To learn more on split testing, visit :  HOW TO SPLIT TEST: Excellent Advice for You )

Mobile marketing can definitely be a winner for you, but only if you do the proper planning & put time into it. And if you are willing to devote some dollars to having a really GOOD app developed for your business – and then use a specialized marketing plan for promoting it, well you’ve got to know it’ll be a hit!

Get an education about split testing, and go to work!