Affordable SEO: Pinterest Tips to Help You Supercharge Your Online Presence

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Is Pinterest a Worthwhile Tool for Your Business?

By Jan Ashby

jan ashby

Being Visible on the Net: Pinterest Approach

These days, a Pinterest backlink can boost your online presence and provide you worthwhile backlinks. You must consider what niche you are in however; if you use pictures in your business, then Pinterest can be quite useful. In any case, having at least one Pinterest backlink is adviseable.

If your business is on a tight budget, then you may want to learn Pinterest for your business. You can start to build your brand (using high quality images) and get greater visibility by “participating”. What I mean is that by becoming active in the Pinterest community, you SHARE others’ pins and get in the habit of checking out new boards every week.

What is Pinterest Marketing and Is it Important to Follow Others?

Well, Pinterest is great in that it exposes people to products & brands that they normally wouldn’t see. You, as the small business owner, want to get educated about Pinterest – so you can do it right & ATTRACT other people to your board (in the hope that they’ll “re-pin” it).

Initially, you follow some people. This is inherently ESSENTIAL with Pinterest Marketing.  The more people you follow, the greater the chance for EXPOSURE. Get the picture? Sorry, no pun intended. When you “repin“, you get the chance to add something to the description. Pinterest Marketing


Eventually, sharing these social photos reveals what you have in common with other Pinterest members – and as a result, in time you’ll receive a number of re-pins – so long as the photo quality is good, and the image is startling or attractive.



Time Marches On – What You Get from it So, people time goes by and you receive a HEFTY number of re-pins, you’ll also get some nice, juicy backlinks.  Now, you need to understand some BASICS on creating your board.  You want to also build up a Profile in Pinterest that pulls traffic (there are 5 criteria).

      Pinterest Marketing aids You also want to:

  • Engage your customers
  • Connect your Pinterest to Facebook & Twitter
  • Create an action plan
  • Know what to pin to your boards
  • Learn how to monetize your boards
  • Know how to create “perfect pin”


Learn about Pinterest Boards – Using Pinterest For Your Business

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