Google Places: How To Frame Time-Sensitive Offers

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Good Marketing Strategies For Local Business SEO:   Coupons/Time Sensitive Offers

Time Sensitive Offers.  Now you need to think about time sensitive offers, and find out about strategic ways of framing “Time Sensitive Offers”  to drive more customers to your business from your Google Places listing :

Time Sensitive Offers: Coupons

Time Sensitive Offers: Coupons

A. Mention any specific deadline or put in place a time limit that a recommended new offer has in place. (For example:  Only 300 memberships will be made available at this special price, and 275 of them have been sold;  our 60% off coupon is set to expire December 12 at 12 a.m.)

B. Create your own INCENTIVE that is time or limit sensitive (Ex. – “I’ll offer you a bribe.  If you order ABC through the link below prior to the deadline Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST, I’ll give you..”;  alternately – “if you are one of the first 50 people to order today, I’ll give you. this bonus..”

C.  Make use of holidays, birthdays, special events or other “built-in” deadline (Example:  “It’s tax time, and I’m running an Uncle Sam special – this is your final opportunity..; or, “If you want my special Accounting software by Christmas, you have to place your order by…”)

How To Build Business: Marketing with Coupons

As you can imagine, filling in an Offer on your Google Plus page is worthwhile.  Google likes to see this; the more detailed your listing, the greater likelihood of a high placement within the Google search results – this can be beneficial to your business, and achieve more customers for you.

*Note:  Other important sections to fill out are:  Google Plus  “About Me” page,  your videos, posts, or coupons and promotions.  These all contribute to search engine results – i.e., how Google will rank your business.

The reason you will want to flesh out your Google Plus page as completely as you can is this:  GooglePlus is going to grow and have a GREATER impact in the future.  This is my opinion, yet it’s also the opinion of many intelligent online marketers today.

Marketing 101:  Know Your Customer

It’s your job to entice your customer with a juicy offer – if you make it beneficial enough, they’ll “bite”.   Of course, you’ll need to do your due diligence – that is, know your customer base.  You can find out the profile of your average customer (to your website) by using Quantcast.  Or you can use another measurement tool.  The point is, to get inside your customer’s head you need to first know their gender, age, level of education etc. 

In case you are wondering how it behooves you to know your customer’s level of education, it is important so you can tailor any future web pages to be at the proper reading level.  That makes sense, right?

Why Quantcast? What Can Quantcast do for Me?

Okay, now it may be useful to point out some of what Quantcast does – Quantcast scores every prospective customer on the web so you can reach just the consumers that are a good fit.

Because only Quantcast ranks & then scores your audience versus every internet user for relevance to your specific goal.  Basically, the company analyzes the thousands of people (visitors) on your website, and creates a profile based upon your custom audience segment and amplifies it in order to reach millions of people on your behalf.