Local Business Center Google: Getting Higher Search Engine Rankings for Your Business

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Local Business Online Marketing

How To Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings

Marketing is being able to effectively communicate what your product or service’s advantages are to potential customers.  In order to achieve

higher search engine rankings

you must employ sound SEO.  Additionally, it is essential to generate interest and excitement in what you have to offer.   Your company or store may have unique features; you need to adequately convey what makes your product/service stand out.

Marketing online can be valuable; however, there are challenges to getting higher search engine rankings, and you need to understand how to go about it — or have a Local seo expert handle it for you.

Location-Based Marketing:  Then vs Now


Social Media

Social Media

Traditional marketing prints the message where potential consumers will receive it, but it will not be targeted.  Like Yellow Pages, for example.   Today local business online marketing involves using classified ads, such as Craigs List, FACEBOOK, forums,  article marketing, organic SEO/Google+ Local  and more (specific demographics).  Local Business online marketing can be far more targeted.

Local Business Online Marketing: Local Marketing Campaigns

Of course, it is a simple matter to develop local marketing campaigns centering on certain locations, like advertising in the local paper;  or you can develop a campaign targeting a particular segment of the population – such as retirees who need financial advice, or the aging population with a need for preventative health information. Still, it can be a tricky matter to know how to get your message out to viable consumers – those who are buyers.

(Often due to the constraints posed by location)

The Answer:  Location Based Marketing 

Location based marketing is the answer. Google Maps: Put Your Business on the MapIf you don’t have this , over 90 percent of your ad impressions may be wasted on non-targeted prospective customers – i.e.,  customers who are not in your local area.

This sort of marketing is kind of like playing “pin the tail on the donkey” – you are blindfolded & pushed toward a map with a push-pin & you hit something random on the map.

Geo-Location Marketing

Yet, technology has now advanced to the point where local businesses now have choices.  It is easy to do geo-location marketing.  As an example, smartphones enable marketers to secure device-location data — and the search engines, such as Google or Bing, allow customers to get at what they need in a flash – all  based on their geographic location.

*Note: Laser targeting equals more profits, as the need is genuine. This leads to a better conversion rate.  Read the following to find out how it can work for your local business:

TARGET YOUR CAMPAIGN AS SPECIFICALLY AS POSSIBLE:  Okay, you probably realize that you need to ensure that your campaign is targeted to your zip code and surrounding areas – in other words, to the area you do business in.  Google lets  you target your marketing campaigns based on City,  Local Business Online Marketing - Zip Code campaignsZIP codes — even a specific street intersection.

What is the point of all this — to ensure that when you advertise you reach the best possible audience — one that is targeted.   Then, when you promote your local business you can rest assured that a large percent of the consumers exposed to your campaign are within a range that makes sense — so that they’ll logically choose your computer repair shop, chiropractor’s office, dental office, etc.

USE YOUR LOCATION TO YOUR ADVANTAGE:  That is, choose to provide consumer discounts (or contests with prizes etc.) that are geared toward your location.  Get imaginative; maybe even use brainstorming software to come up with ideas. Once you get rolling, you might be amazed at what you can come up with.   Have fun with it; there are some examples of brainstorming here.   *Tip: time-sensitive offers can often work wonders for your bottom line see more on this HERE

Google Maps Pinpoints Your Exact Location

EXPLAIN YOUR LOCATION:  With geo-location marketing, you can now clearly explain your location, preventing a situation where you have a customer who is interested in what your company offers but does not want to bother looking up directions.

Now, through use of a cell phone & Google Maps, a person can know instantly if your location is convenient for them.  This can be particularly helpful for those in need of services who are on vacation.

Local Business Center Google:  Your Personal Dashboard

Local Business Center Google is a free tool which allows local business owners to edit their content and have control over it  (how their listings appear in Google Maps and in google search results).

PLAY UP THE NOVELTY:  And also, it is essential to make sure that your

geo-location based marketing campaign

plays up the novelty presented by location based marketing. Did you know that major retailers are using programs such as Foursquare and Facebook Locations in order to turn location into a game?

Consumers can “check in” & see what’s up at your location; this allows the consumer to find discounts, coupons & special promotions.

As an astute marketer, you provide incentives for your customers to visit; if they are a frequent visitor they achieve status (e.g. mayor status, badges), points, or incentives based on the number of visits (e.g. a free pizza, appetizer, or dessert on your fifth visit).

Local Internet Marketing is indeed an essential part of growing your business and brand, to attract more customers to you and your business.

Local Internet Marketing is not only having an attractive website, it includes being findable in multiple places  – when local consumers are searching for your product or service.  *A Local Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing for Local Business - mobile phone marketing

Jan Ashby Consultant to Local Businesses

can help you determine the best route for your online marketing plan.  And Google Places can be very effective in bringing more customers to your local business.

That being said, should you want or need a website our company offers a simple yet effective site design that is WordPress-based and will collect your visitors contact info (via a  lead capture page).

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