Email Marketing Best Practices

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Email Marketing Best Practices





One of the most cost-effective changes you can make to improve your ROI – invoke Email Marketing Best Practices. If you have a blog, you should have a newsletter.  Below I will give some examples as to how you can use email marketing to good effect:


1) The subject line is the most important part – it must hook the reader and grab his attention. The subject line is always read, but will it convert ?  There are ways to snatch the reader’s attention – such as through curiousity or asking a question.  Another method is to use specific numbers as in “How I Lured 520 Targeted Prospects onto my Email List in One Month”.

2) Publish remarkable email content: It’s a good strategy to create short, snappy copy in your email campaign & send readers to your blog.  At the blog, have instructional video or a brief entertaining video that re-directs to your Youtube channel or some other url.  The idea is to keep things brief (and entertaining) and then send them to the longer video.

3) Include an Email to a Friend button, so that your current email subscribers can share your stuff

4) On your blog, include an optin form at the END of each post.  Have a Subscribe” link in the sidebar.

5) Collect Email Addresses at your FB page (add a “Call to Action” as a custom tab on your Facebook page).

6) Use Twitter to promote a FREE ebook or video series (1 of your lead-gen offers)

7)  Target redeemable offers using an email address on your LinkedIn Company page (or in appropriate LinkedIn groups); when using groups, it’s essential you’re RELEVANT

8) Do JV’s – i.e., offer an ebook or relevant offer through an affiliate, or partner email newsletter, targeting a new but appropriate audience.

9) Make your email campaigns entertaining – through use of imagery and videos.

10) Offer bonuses quickly during the email campaign – why not give one immediately, and then again in your 3rd email

11) Email Marketing Best Practices should include sending out REGULAR emails, to keep your subscribers apprised of any updates & new products – PLUS you should offer them discounts, too !

12) Email Marketing Best Practices involves building up TRUST with their audience; by consistent communication, and showing you’re a REAL person – this means connecting with them. You may wonder HOW you can do this.

Well, you can use Google For Business — specifically, you can keep your main branding and support email address by paying $4 – $5 a month. You can have it connected directly to your gmail account(s). This will enable you to connect with every new SIGNUP to your newsletter (via GooglePlus & LinkedIn within Gmail) –


What you could do is use your main domain as the url for Notifications inside your Aweber account. You go to “list settings” and on Step #2 enter your name and Gmail email. From then on, you’ll receive a notification every time someone new is added to your list.

This is handy because you can CONNECT with each of them SOCIALLY inside of gmail. social-media-marketing

Intuitively, the email app Rappaportive shows you details about your new Autoresponder contact right inside your inbox! <<


CONNECT With Your Contacts Right within Gmail

Rappaportive for Gmail will be useful, to make this entire thing work. With Rappaportive, you can SEE where folks are based and what they LOOK like (then connect with them via LinkedIn).  Read more about it here

Remember you will be using your own domain &amp with Google for Work (cost is $5 a month) and Aweber – then you’ll simply set the notifications url so that you’ll be informed (via your gmail account) each time you get a newsletter signup.


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