Classified Ads Sites: How To 101

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Classified Ads Sites Can Help Your Business – Be Specific when You Write Them

By Jan Ashby

jan ashby

Classified ads have been around the block. Even prehistoric man had them. Back in those times, the ad may have been a stick figure with a bow and arrow and may have meant “selling good bow with one arrow, cheap.” Now we have the Net and better classified ads than the newspapers can provide. These ads are much more sophisticated than print version ads. They include pictures and have a decent amount of text to describe your product, or service.

Classified ads are a method of advertising on newspaper, online or other media. Usually they are advertising placements divided into several categories in newspapers, online portals and social networks. They can play a major role, if you want good exposure for your business.

Online Classifieds Ads Sites: You Get High Traffic and More

When a company decides to put an online ad in a classified directory, a good backlink is given to your site – assuming you use a classified ads site with a STRONG Page Rank, such as CraigsList – this can help with SEO (Search engine optimization). In today’s post, we will try to elaborate as to why online classifieds are a good approach for your business. Read on.

You can place an ad on “high traffic” online classifieds to get the word out, and expose your name to a large audience in your specific area. Sites like Craigslist and WomVegas are very popular, and offer you the chance to promote your services in a SPECIFIC City – without making a dent in your marketing budget.

There are many free classified ads sites, but I recommend you opt to pay for your ad – then you can make an ad that has color and a graphic – whereas free sites won’t generally offer that to you. And some of the paid sites allow you to renew on “autopilot”.

In my experience, Backpage is easy to work with – you can choose to advertise in one city, or multiple cities there. And of course you choose a category. It is not expensive, and if you do want to upload a picture or graphic you’ve created it’s cost-effective.

You have to register for the Backpage site, and they will give you a password for future logins. It is the same with Craigslist.

Ruby Tuesdays Back page ad

One of my ads – shown here – is for the specific town of Minot ND for Ruby Tuesdays restaurant, as I own a website on Minot restaurants.

Online classifieds can be a great way of communicating with your target audience and the prospective buyers. In my case, it has provided some good exposure for my new site on Minot restaurants.

The more specific you can be with your ad, the better. You need to have your keywords selected (and researched) ahead of time, and then write up your ad. At backpage, you will be able to make certain words BOLD and incorporate a link

Also, Backpage has a LINK to Google Maps with every city ad. Another feature is that you can pay to have your ad moved to the top – i.e., for a small fee you could automatically re-post your specific ad to the top every 7 days four times for $1, eight times for $2, or twelve times for $3.

Really, online classifieds are just another tool in the arsenal of small businesses. They can be used to great effect – but just remember, the more SPECIFIC you can be when you write your ad.. the better result you’ll attain.