Pinterest Tips: Increase Yr Audience through Brand

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Pinterest Boards to Best Reflect Your Style and Brand

    By Jan Ashby

Your first Pinterest board should reflect your brand, and the lifestyle that your company believes in. It is a good idea to submit pictures showing people using your product, or enjoying the benefits of your product – these kind of images are helpful on Pinterest, rather than only showing  a picture of the product by itself.

It isn’t that you are barred from placing product images; rather, your photo is more likely to be shared by others if you’ve put up an enticing image – one that shows a satisfied user of your product or service.  An example:  travel agency publishes a photo of a happy, relaxed family on a cruise.d

An infographic about your product(s) infographic pinterest  would be a great communicator, as well.  Your best pinterest boards will intrigue the viewer to click. That is why you want to USE only high-quality, high-resolution images.

It’s wise to hire someone to create a professional-looking infographic for you.  You will have to decide how to prioritize the facts shown on your infographic, as well as accompanying images.  Pinterest can bring you a LOT of traffic; and when done correctly, it can enhance your image and brand.


Pinterest Board Ideas: Best Pinterest Boards

Of course, Pinterest is a good marketing tool for photographers, the Travel Industry and gardening proponents – but what if you’re a small business?  What are some Pinterest for business tips?  There are things you can do to draw attention to your photos – such as:

  • Add an On Hover Pin It Button to Your Images

  • Build Relationships With Influencers

  • Explore Rich Pins

  • Create a Group Board & Invite People

  • Comply with Image Dimensions

  • Share Infographics

  • Leverage Images from Your Site

As a business, you can explore rich pins – there are 5 choices:

  • Article pins include the headline, author, story description and link
  • Product pins include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy
  • Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info
  • Movie pins include ratings, cast members and reviews
  • Place pins include an address, phone number and map
    You can use the FIRST and SECOND “rich pins” in this list.Both apply to businesses – Article pins and product pins. For example, if you have a good article to link to from Pinterest – just be sure to include an enticing headline.  Be sure to ADD appropriate meta tags at your site & validate your RICH pins.
    Pinterest Pins

If you will initially SPEND some time following leaders in your niche (business), you will build up some good contacts. Eventually you may want to create a group and invite users to PIN to your board.


Ways to Attract Users to Your Brand: Infographic Pinterest

jan ashby
Naturally, you want to keep your pins inspiring.. a recent feature by the good folks at Pinterest is PLACE PINS.  It’s basically a way to turn your board into a place board – by adding Address/Phone Number information. With this educational article by Pinterest, you’ll LEARN more.

Clearly if you’re a traveller/wanderer, you’ll need to investigate – there is a FULL post at the Pinterest site here .

TIP:  Once you’ve navigated to the page, you need to CHOOSE the Radio button

Next, I want to share with you how one shiny Pinterest infographic got 30,000 SHARES !  It is inspiring – go READ About that here.

Pinterest Photos: How Should I Size Images for Pinterest?

Pinterest-Pin-Tips  Are you in search of the “perfect pin size”?  See the documentation HERE.  It’s a very insightful GUIDE, btw.


Fresh Idea:  Create an “About” Board on Pinterest

It is wise to create an “About board” on your company, or small business.

Make an ‘About’ board for your company. Include the story of your company’s history, and perhaps make a second board focusing on your best achievements. Make each milestone in your business’s history a pin of its own.


Final Thoughts on Pinterest:  Naming Your Imagery
jan ashby

Yes it is a good idea to put a moniker on your images!  It’ll be worthwhile to NAME your images strategically – that is, use keywords so search engines can understand what the image is about.

Pinterest is a neat marketing tool – it’s all about finding COOL stuff to share with your followers .. things they’ll like, things they’ll truly APPRECIATE. If you can “bring the value” – by various methods, such as offering coupons for your followers that can’t be found elsewhere on the Net – then your followers will feel exclusive, more special.

Get creative!   You can come up with all kinds of EXCLUSIVE deals and offerings.

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