Content Curation Tips for Bloggers: Best Practices

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Content Curation Tips:  How to Engage Your Audience and Hold Their Interest

By Jan Ashby  Jan Ashby  Wesite Builder and Reporter

Today’s post will be about content curation and the proper steps to perform.  I will endeavor to show you an example of good content curation.  Bear in mind that imagery will always help your curated post, so long as it is interesting and of good quality.

It will also help to vary your content – you know, mix it up: include a video, an MP3, a slideshow, or an infographic perhaps.

Note: I sometimes like to use an infographic on a “teaser” or landing page – then, if the reader is fascinated by the infographic (or at least interested enough to “Click”) he’ll be led to the curated page. You can set it up however you’d like. Be creative!





Content curation is a lot more than just pulling together SNIPPETS of information, and slapping an image or two on the post. It is a fine art which requires a bit of organization and focus. It is helpful if you know a bit about your topic.


What is the Organization Part of Content Curation?

For one thing, it is subscribing to various feeds on the topic which you will use for posts. If you name the feeds, this will assist you in staying organized.  This is due to the fact that you’ll ultimately be subscribing to a large number of feeds, so NAMING them will obviously help you out.

The content should be relevant to your blog readership.  Bear this in mind. Now here are some essential guidelines:

Know Your Target Market

It is helpful to realize who your market is. You can use Google Analytics (or Quantcast) to get some data on your readers.    blog-readership



Follow Other Curators to Gain Ideas

Take note of what other leading curators publish.




Choose the Right Tool

Use tools to assist you; this will make the whole process easier. I use CurationSoft myself.


Add Value on Your Blog

Never be a Copycat! Please, don’t just take entire blog posts of content. Instead, add Excerpts from a blog and give proper credit. Be careful here – you want to READ through the author’s article, find what you like about it & take notes. Then you’ll be able to add your own twist to it; explain what you liked about it, or what you felt could be improved upon.  Give value (in some way) to your readership.


Quote Articles – Give Credit

Use a quote from the article rather than just a link so that your reader can grasp your meaning without leaving your website. It is helpful to create an introductory paragraph (explaining what you liked prior to the quote), and then INDENT the Excerpt with beginning & ending quotation marks.

This will make it CLEAR to the reader what your portion is, and where the quoted author’s material begins and ends. (Remember to link out)

Employ Your Mobile Devices
     Expert Content Curation

Search for content on your tablet or android/Apple when you’re at a cafe or picking your kid up from school activities.

Mix It Up – Have Fun with It

Publish in a variety of different formats(MP3’s, videos, power points etc.)


Final Steps – Checking Your Work

Analyze your curated content to be sure it makes sense, and has a GOOD flow to it. Try looking at it from the point of view of your blog visitor!  Is the material RELEVANT to your demographic? Does it help them, in some way?  Is it interesting?  Do you quote the source, so they can head to the author’s blog?


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