30 Opt-In Freebie Ideas for You

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30 Opt-In Freebie Ideas



One of the quickest ways to grow your mailing is to give something of value away in return for the opt-in. After all, who doesn’t like getting something for free? This little ethical bribe doesn’t have to be big or time consuming to create. However, it should be something of value to your target market.

If you’re not sure what you can offer to entice people to sign up, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. A free PDF report that might include useful tips, show subscribers how to solve a problem they have, or show them how to do something step-by-step.

  2. A free audio. Many people love listening to audios while they work. It’s much easier than reading.

  3. An e-course or email series of useful tips & information. A series of messages will ensure your new subscribers stay on your list.

  4. A video download. Videos are perceived to be of higher value than audio or written documents. It might be a tutorial or an interview.

  5. A worksheet that helps subscribers solve a problem or learn something new.

  6. A discount or coupon for one of your products. These are considered almost as good as cash, especially to those who have already thought about purchasing your product.

  7. Free or discounted membership. You can even offer a limited time free, say for the first 3 months – enough to get them hooked on your product then they can pay to continue.

  8. Checklists make good freebies. They’re easy to read, chock full of great information and take little time to create. “Tax preparation checklist”, “What to look for when buying an accounting program”

  9. Access to a private discussion area where they can get advice from others.

  10. Preview of a book or course. As with the free/discount membership, give them enough to whet their appetite so they’ll buy the full product.

  11. Tips list. You’d be surprised how many people will share their contact information if you create a large list of tips. “110 tips for eliminating ____”

  12. Share your recipes. It might be “Gluten-free Cooking Recipes”, “Recipe for Success Guide for Entrepreneurs” or “A Recipe for Strong Personal Growth”.

  13. Plugins, Apps & Tools. If you are a programmer and create your own plugins or apps, give one away. If you’re a graphic designer who uses Photoshop, create and give away some custom brushes.

  14. Tracking sheets (made in Excel) are especially helpful for those who are trying to do something that takes a long time such as getting fit, losing weight, eating properly, building backlinks, recruiting affiliates, etc.

  15. A physical product such as a workbook, DVD, poster, etc. Physical gifts are perceived as more valuable than digital gifts and are a great way to build trust.

  16. An on-going contest. Subscribers enter once but continue to have a chance to win month after month. Give away a copy of one product, access to a membership, one physical copy of a cookbook, or whatever your target market needs.

  17. A screencast recording (or a series of them) that teaches something. “How to rewrite PLR in 3 easy steps”

  18. Comparisons or a buyer’s guide. “Which cell phone is right for you?” or “Choosing an affiliate management system for your business”

  19. PLR content. Give subscribers content that they in turn can give to their readers.

  20. A free consultation. This is a great way to pull in new customers and helps you build your authority on the subject.

  21. Give annotated, edited or better formatted public domain content. For example, Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” is in the public domain. You could format it to your industry and give it away for free.

  22. An in-depth answer to their most pressing question. Find out what the biggest problem your target market faces and offer an in-depth answer on how to solve it.

  23. Controversial thoughts on the industry. People love seeing both sides of the coin.

  24. A live or pre-recorded webinar or teleseminar. Ask them to sign up to get the link to join a live seminar or to download (or listen to) a pre-recorded one.

  25. A guide to ___. If you’ve written a lot about a certain topic on your website, create a report that links to your best advice. Give them a sort of step-by-step to learning about the topic.

  26. A slide show presentation.

  27. Cast study or market study results.

  28. Industry statistics. Have access to little known or hard to find industry statistics? Compile them into a free report.

  29. Reference material. For example, if you create & sell custom advertisements, create a reference sheet containing 10 memorable ads that did well and why they did so. These don’t have to be ads you created; anything will do – Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef”, Geico’s “So easy a caveman can do it”, Kellogg’s frosted flakes…”they’re grrreat!”

  30. Mistakes. Everybody wants to avoid them when possible so tell them how. “8 Mistakes People Make When Washing Their Car”


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