Creating an Online Reputation Mgmt Strategy

Creating an Online Reputation Damage Control Strategy

By Jan Ashby   jan-ashby-online-coach

Reputation management isn’t something to be improvised. Every company from a major corporation to a solo entrepreneur working at home has to have a solid plan for managing its reputation. There are five steps to doing this effectively.

Rерutаtiоn mаnаgеmеnt isn’t something tо bе improvised. Evеrу соmраnу – frоm a mаjоr соrроrаtiоn tо a solo еntrерrеnеur working аt hоmе – hаѕ tо have a ѕоlid рlаn fоr mаnаging itѕ reputation. There аrе fivе ѕtерѕ tо dоing thiѕ effectively.


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Internet Marketing For Local Business: Google Plus and Social Media


By Jan Ashby

“Overwhelm” – a word often used to demonstrate the confusion companies feel regarding social media.

The problem is two-fold:

  • Establishing an online presence with social media takes a concerted, continuous effort.  You must be consistent, and bear in mind that returns will not be “overnight”.
  • You need to ensure you are using social media correctly – in a way which makes sense for your company

To clarify this picture, ask yourself the following:

First, establishing a social media presence takes time and continued effort. You have to be consistent in your involvement with the social media medium and remember that returns will not be overnight. Second, you have to make sure that you are using social media in a way that makes sense for your business.

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Enhance Your Klout Score and Achieve Better Engagement

Klout is a Tool That Cаn Measure Your Effectiveness Online: Find Out How


So.. what’s your opinion?  Do you think you have fairly good engagement? Well, now there is a way to MEASURE just how connected you actually are.

There is a tool that analyzes variables like number of Twitter followers, how OFTEN your content is shared, your overall Likes and more.  It is looking at 400 signals from a plethora of SOCIAL sites, and what it does is register a score from 1 to 100.

This is done through a special, proprietary algorithm – which examines how many followers you have, how much you’re sharing, and the LEVEL of engagement your various sites (Google Plus, Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia, Blogger, WordPress, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook) are achieving.

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